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Name Calligraphy

    Your Child's Name

Adele's father, Chen Deting, is a Chinese calligrapher, and will be happy to draw your child’s name in beautiful Chinese characters in black ink on 8 x 10 inch white paper.



Names For You and Your
Loved Ones

Adele's father can also write your name in Chinese.
He selects characters that approximate the sound of your name.

"Elizabeth"                      "Robert" 


How to Purchase

Step 1. You may use the Add to Cart buttons or pay by check.  Make checks payable to Chinese Translation BlessedKids Inc.

Prices include shipping and handling from China.

One Name Calligraphy
US $20


Buy Two, Get One Free
US $40

Step 2. Send an email requesting Calligraphy to Adele at

Step 3. Send or fax a copy of a document containing the Chinese characters of your Chinese child’s name.

Mailing address:
Adele Hall
P.O. Box 690202
San Antonio, TX 78269

North American Toll Free Fax Number: 1-866-691-1250.

For name paintings of loved ones who do not have Chinese names, send us the English names and Adele's father will draw characters based on the sound of the name(s).

Need Assistance with our Services or Products?

Call Adele (210) 509-4821

If you cannot reach Adele, please leave a voice message with your name,
phone number and a brief message and she will get back to you very soon!

Email Adele at


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